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Technology and Engineering

Ground breaking state of the art technology and Pioneers of Primary and Secondary Non- Ferrous recycling. We facilitate turnkey solutions, stand alone equipments and Strategic Partnerships, creating world class platform for Recycling and Manufacturing materials.

We have successfully delivered more than 100 state of the art facilities, which are efficiently generating a revenue of $6bn per year.

Battery Recycling

Passing on the gift of sustainability, from generation to generation- our patented battery recycling technology has done wonders and continues to do so since three generations as of now. 

We are not doing it for the entrepreneurship but for the environment!

Non-Ferrous Recycling in OECD countries

(Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) to make their economy flourish better.

These countries, even after having great development rate have high inflation rate eating up their economical impact due to high metal import. If the production of metals can be done in-house for the targeted countries, they can increase their economical condition by a visible amount- decreasing their inflation rate. By bringing metal recycling to these nations we can recycle non-ferrous metals like copper, zinc and aluminium.

Mining & Exploration

We don’t hold back on our Vision

With our experience and knowledge of Minerals, We explored a 25 Sq. Km of land and discovered Lead reserves along with Zinc and silver impurities which upon efficient realisation can generate upward of $5bn at a facilitation cost of 30% of realisation value.


Distribution & Warehousing

We are the distributors of ERW & black pipes.

Partnering up with leaders around the world, providing them high-end warehousing facilities.

Energy efficiency
Production growth
Market increase
Proffit turned


Globally, in OECD countries, the average standard emission norm goes upto 50mg/Nm3

Engineering Miracle:

With our groundbreaking technology, we have brought it down to less than 3mg/Nm3.

Lesser Carbon, More Future




Compared to all the Metal businesses in the world we derive our strength from our “Engineering Division”, which is under the canopy of ADLL, this business (Our engineering division) is a highly equipped state of the art facility which manufactures machines for Recycling Secondary and producing Primary Metals. This vertical is the foundation of the group.

10% proceeding from the whole AD group are Pledged to Social welfare. As we will never stop believing in good and we await to see a better future with young entrepreneurs and long-living generations.

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